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Droit, Économie, Gestion

European Master in Business Studies

  • ECTS

    120 crédits

  • Durée

    2 années, 4 semestres

  • Langues d'enseignement



The European Master in Business Studies (EMBS) is a two-year full-time Master’s degree in Management with focus on International Marketing. EMBS is jointly run by four Universities located in four different European countries: the University of Savoie Mont Blanc (France), the University of Trento (Italy), the University of Kassel (Germany) and the University of León (Spain).

EMBS is composed of 4 semesters in 4 different European countries, representing a total of 120 ECTS. EMBS is officially integrated in the European Bologna system of higher education.

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Successful business management in Europe and abroad requires to train and develop the European managers of tomorrow by:

  • giving them all the tools and best practices to enable them to fit easily into international companies and feel at home in multicultural environments;
  • improving their skills in English as well as in other European languages;
  • offering a specific European professional curriculum.

Equipped with all these tools, EMBS gives you the opportunity to start your professional career. EMBS offers an international programme in European Business Management to small groups of students of various nationalities who learn to work and study together over a period of two years (in-take in September each year). EMBS courses are taught entirely in English and are based on a mixed teaching methodology (traditional lessons and case studies). Qualified faculty members and managers from European companies are involved in giving courses, seminars and workshops.

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Dimension internationale

Formation in four European countries : France/Italy/Germany/Spain

EMBS offers students of various nationalities (an average of 10-12 different nationalities per intake) and backgrounds the opportunity to learn how to work and study together in a multicultural environment. Furthermore, since EMBS students are obliged to move to a different partner University every semester, they learn day by day how to become more flexible, how to deal with different environments (also in terms of administrative procedures and academic settings), how to face challenging and often demanding tasks. In addition, exchange students often take part in the EMBS classes adding some “fresh-blood” to the group. Visiting professors bring with them the didactic approach, methods and contents from university systems other than the four partners.

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Effectifs attendus

20-30 students each year

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Sélectionnez un programme

M1 - European master in business studies

  • UE701 Fundamental courses : international business - Trento

    30 crédits
    • European and International Commercial Law

      6 crédits
    • Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management

      5 crédits
    • Information Systems

      5 crédits
    • International Accounting

      5 crédits
    • International Strategic Management

      9 crédits
  • UE801 Specialized courses-international marketing - Annecy

    30 crédits
    • European and global consumer behaviour

      6 crédits
    • European and Global Economics

      6 crédits
    • Financial Markets and Corporate Finance

      5 crédits
    • Statistics and Marketing Research

      8 crédits
      • Principles of Marketing Research

      • Intensive Study Programme

    • Séminaire

      0 crédits
    • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

      5 crédits
    • Français Langue Etrangère

  • Facultatif

    • Stage facultatif S8

M2 - European master in business studies

  • UE901 Advanced Marketing/thesis - Kassel

    30 crédits
    • Research Methods

      5 crédits
    • Master Theses

      15 crédits
    • Distribution and Pricing in the Internet Age

      5 crédits
    • Business Negotiation

      5 crédits
  • UE001 Business-oriented activities and complements - Leon

    30 crédits
    • Communication Challenge

      10 crédits
    • Consumer engaging communication

    • Company project

    • Innovation and entrepreneurship

      5 crédits
    • Sustainable and responsible management

      5 crédits
    • Internship

      10 crédits


A qui s'adresse la formation ?

Students having a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Management or Business Studies are qualified to apply. Students of other study backgrounds (Social Sciences,

Engineering, Languages…) with a focus on Economics and/or Management (at least 50 % of courses attended by the applicant must be in the field of Economics/ Business) are also eligible.

A minimum of 180 ECTS credits as well as certified working knowledge of the English language (at least at B2 level of the Common European Framework of

Reference for Languages or 560 paper-based TOEFL or 87 internet-based TOEFL or equivalent test results) are required.

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Candidater et s'inscrire

Et après

Métiers visés et insertion professionnelle

The EMBS program is clearly designed for an efficient and concrete career preparation to reach some international business positions.

The EMBS graduates record a very high level of employment (94%) with graduates working in 26 countries all around the word (32% being concentrated in Germany, wich is fallowed by Italy and Switzerland). The knowledge obtaines during the EMBS program ensures a steady job, 83% of graduates having a permanent contract.

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