Event management concept (GEST001_MDTCY)


Explores principles and practices of managing medium- and large-scale events including festivals, conventions, concerts, shows, sporting events, and ceremonies. Emphasizes strategic event design, organization and planning, communications, personnel, and security as well as evaluation and innovation.

1) To encourage awareness of the nature and significance of events, their costs and benefits along with their social, political and community dimensions.
2) Knowledge of the major components of event production and their relevance to the type of event being produced.

3) Be able to accurately assess the challenges and successes of varying types of events. 4) To lead and manage teams implementing events effectively
5) Understand the role and management of event stakeholders.

6) Have created a detailed event plan, based upon a specific budget, appropriateness for a given community, and which meets the objectives of the event. 


Level of English proficiency sufficient for understanding course material and participating in discussion and exercises. 

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CM : 10h


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Sustainable events with ISO 20121 - Overview of ISO 20121, a practical tool for managing sustainable events. 

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