Comportement du consommateur (GEST14_MKAYA)

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Understanding consumers enables marketers to more effectively meet the needs of buyers in the market, and be more successful in the market. This course will focus on the understanding of consumer behavior, how and why consumers make purchase decisions, how they think, feel and act before, during and after the purchase. But the major contribution of this course is to link this understanding of consumer behavior to developing marketing strategies.

Compétences acquises

  • Understand the consumer decision-making processes.
  • Apply consumer behaviour principles in a variety of contexts, and in an ethical manner.
  • Enable students to develop marketing strategies that are consumer based and create and enhance customer value.
  • Communicate their thinking regarding these principles in a style appropriate for a business environment individually and in teams.


Intermediate level in marketing

B2 level of written and spoken English

Plan du cours

  • Consumer behaviour, marketing and marketing strategy : the missing link.
  • Consumer behavior major concepts :
    • Information processing and decision making process : problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation and selection, purchase and postpurchase processes;
  • Team Project: in order to link this understanding of consumer behavior to marketing strategies, each team will analyze customers and prospects for a real product to identify their needs and identify a profitable target market.


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