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One of the leading challenge facing many organisations is how to ensure their activities are customer focused. In fact, it is the role of marketing manager who have authority to develop and implement marketing strategy and plans. The marketing manager are responsible for deciding what products to sell, to whom, for what price, where, when and how.

The course of Marketing Management is designed to provide knowledge, tools and techniques to develop such abilities. The program of Marketing Management ensure an immersion in the core principles and concepts of marketing process and operationnal marketing. The course will provide an introduction to the basic aspects of marketing management and a broad range of topics will be considered during the session (refer the course content).

The course goals are :

  1. to acquire an understanding of the key terms, definitions, and concepts used in marketing management.
  2. to acquire a marketing strategy “toolbox”
  3. to be able to communicate and defend marketing recommendations

Compétences acquises

  • Understand the role of marketing as a value creation process in business strategy
  • Provide the skills to manage strategic planning and marketing process to generate maximum customer value
  • Enable to know the basic tools of operational marketing (product, price, distribution and communication)
  • Apply marketing management principles and concepts in a variety of contexts,
  • Enable to generate and to communicate professional, logical and coherent report on marketing strategies, marketing plan and marketing process


Basics in marketing

Plan du cours

The course introduces to the main concepts of strategic and operational marketing :

  • Strategic marketing planning, marketing plan, positioning strategies, brand management, international marketing ;
  • Product strategies (management of the product life cycle, new product development, packaging,…) ;
  • Pricing strategies (price adaptation, yield management,…) ;
  • Distribution strategies (channel design, retailing mix,…) ;
  • Promotional strategies (designing a communication campaign, selection of communication, models of persusasion,…).

For each concept, the theory will be complemented with practical examples. The course is structured on class sessions, individual and team works.


  • Aaker D.A. (2009), Strategic Market Management, 9th edition, Wiley.
  • Keller K. (2012), Strategic Brand Management : building, measuring and managing brand equity – 4th edition, Pearson
  • Kotler P. & Keller K (2015), Marketing Management – 15th edition, Prentice Hall
  • Kotler P., Armstrong G., Harris L. & Piercy N.F. (2013), Principles of Marketing – 6th edition, Pearson

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