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The aim of the ICT-Enabled Organisations course is to provide students with a grounded exploration of the fundamental role of technology in enabling commercial and industrial organisations to meet the challengesof the dynamic, globalised, post-industrial environment.  The course builds on the foundation concepts and prior knowledge of organisational culture and structure, data management, the value chain, business stakeholders and the national and global marketplace.  The course emphasises the new skills, visions, management innovations and paradigms that companies adopt in order to gain competitive advantage. The course deals with Information System as a key enabler of business strategies and processes.

A further objective is for students to learn up-to-date technical, commercial and industrial terminology using correct English terms.



Plan du cours

The course covers :

  • techno-economic factors affecting the global business enviroment;
  • the influence of the IT revolution on the modern information economy;
  • IS for supporting business activities and enterprise strategy;
  • achieving flexible organisations through restructuring and outsourcing parts of the value chain;
  • the use of technology in distance working and virtual teams;
  • online relationship marketing and customer relationship management;
  • management of the supply chain;
  • supply chain partnerships using Electronic Data Interchange;
  • disintermediation of the value chain using disruptive technology.


Management Information Systems, K. and J. Laudon, ISBN-10: 0133130789 • ISBN-13: 9780133130782, 2014, Prentice Hall

Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, 13/E, Laudon & Laudon, ISBN-10: 0133050696 • ISBN-13: 9780133050691, 2014, Prentice Hall.

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