Human Ressources Management (GEST703_INTS)

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Organizations today face many challenges in the management of their human resources. Whether employees work in a big company or a small non-for-profit organization, those employees must be recruited, selected, trained and managed. They also must be compensated and many will be given benefits of some type.

This course focuses on the core competencies, as identified by the leading HR associations, that are essential for current or future managers and staff specialists who wish to increase their effectiveness working directly with human resources in all types of organizations.

The course introduces to intermediate concepts of human resources management.

Compétences acquises

At the end of the course, students are able to:

  • develope a clear and meaningful understanding of human resource management theory, functions and practices;
  • understand and defend the role and value of strategic human resource management in the success of modern organizations;
  • apply human resource management concepts and skills across a variety of contexts, situations and incidents and showcase their skills practically across case-studies


Basics in management and organizational behavior

Plan du cours

1- Managing the work-force

  • recruitment, selection, and retention practices
  • compensation regulations designed to assure economic security and standards in the work environment
  • managing at-will employees, evaluating performance, employee development
  • equal employment opportunities, different forms of employment discrimination and harassment, discipline and/or termination of difficult employees

2- Building the workplace

  • promoting a safe, secure, harmonious, and productive work environment
  • Developing and supporting self and group motivation process
  • minimizing psychological risks and occupational hazards
  • Well-being at work

Emergent issues in HR policies: managing new technologies, digital native’s generation management, and new forms of work organization…

For each concept, the theory will be complemented with practical examples. The course is structured on class sessions, individual and team works.


  • Wilkinson and al. (2010), The SAGE Handbook of Human Resource Management, SAGE publication
  • Robert L. Mathis and al. (2016), Human Resource Management, 15th edition, Cengage Learning
  • Alan Price (2011), Human Resource Management, 4th edition, Cengage Learning EME

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