European and global consumer behaviour (GEST803_EMBS)

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CM : 60h

Compétences acquises

Upon completion of the module students will

  • understand the central role of customers and consumption and their cultural / societal background for management in general and marketing in particular (programme ILOs K1 and IP1)
  • know a large of set of different theories (positivist and interpretativist ones) explaining the fundamentals of the consumption decision making process (programme ILO K1)
  • be able to apply theories and interpret examples in order to explain concrete consumption patterns and design marketing approaches influencing them (programme ILO K2)
  • be aware of ethical, environmental, and sustainability issues connected with consumption (programme ILO A2)
  • be able to analyse own consumer behaviour and consumption patterns of other individuals / cultures (programme ILO A1 and IP1)            

Plan du cours

  • Factors influencing customer decision making: cultural, sociological, personal, psychological and situational aspects
  • Theoretical stages of the decision-making process: from the perception of needs to post purchase feelings
  • Consumption as a natural and ancestral human activity: why do we consume?
  • Culture, lifestyles and consumption
  • Impact of socio demographics on consuming priorities and purchasing patterns
  • Sociological aspects in customer behaviour: the different persons involved in the decision process, group influence phenomena (including social classes) and opinion leadership
  • Psychological explorations of customer behaviour, e.g. perception, learning, motivation, involvement, attitude,
  • Purchase environment and shopping behaviour
  • Basics of neuro-marketing analyses
  • Symbolic consumption and identity (self-image)
  • Post-modern customers and brand consumption
  • Experiential consumption – consumer culture theory approaches to understanding consumption practices


  • Solomon R: Consumer Behavior, Prentice Hall, 2008.
  • Bagozzi R., Gurhan-Canli Z., & Priester J: The Social Psychology of Consumer Behaviour (Applying Social Psychology), Open University Press, 2002.
  • Sheth J. & Mittal B: Customer Behavior: A Managerial Perspective, South-Western College Pub, 2003.

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Crédits ECTS : 6

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