European and international commercial law (DPRI701_EMBS)

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CM : 40h


Lieu d'enseignement  : TRENTO

Compétences acquises

Upon completion of the module students will

  • be familiar with the different sources of law in European and national law and their practical implications (programme ILO K1)
  • be familiar with the main practical problems and needs arising from European and international company law (programme ILO K1)
  • be able to formulate managerial responses to the above mentioned needs provided by legal tools (programme ILO K2)
  • be able to think analytically within a legal framework (programme ILO S1)
  • have learnt to discuss / work together as an international team (programme ILO S2 and IP2)
  • be able to take into account European / international legal restrictions for management decisions (programme ILO IP1)

have become aware of the impact of the legal framework on management decisions (programme ILO T2)

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Crédits ECTS : 6

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