Marchés financiers (GEST702_CEEAY)

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CM : 10h / TD : 5h


This course provides a detailed overview of various financial markets by focusing on different financial instruments and market participants trading them. We will explore mainly traditional investments (e.g., equities, bonds) and, if time permits, derivative products (e.g., futures, forwards and options) from the perspective of investors. The course may also cover (with less detail) the issues related to market efficiency, valuation of financial securities and behavioral finance.

Compétences acquises

Students are expected to have a good understanding of the organization and trading mechanisms of main financial markets (equities, bonds, derivatives). They should be able to apply the basic principles of asset valuation and optimal portfolio theory.


Good knowledge in elementary algebra and financial mathematics

Plan du cours

Topic 1 : Course overview & introduction to financial markets

Topic 2 : Interest rates, debt securities and debt markets

Topic 3 : Equities and equity markets

Topic 4 : Risk, diversification and optimal portfolio

Topic 5 : Derivatives (if time permits) 


Students may use the books listed below as references, however, the main building blocks are the lecture slides and other required materials, which will be made available via Moodle.

  • Corporate Finance, global edition, by Jonathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo; Pearson 2018.
  • Financial Markets and Institutions, global edition, by Frederic S. Mishkin and Stanley G. Eakins; Pearson 2018.

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